At last you can save your child from having rotten baby teeth ripped out under general anaesthetic

Jul 28 2016

How to save your child from being one of the 26,000 little children IN THE UK ALONE from having rotten baby teeth ripped out under general anaesthetic.

MouthMonsters Prevent The Pain, Protect Young Smiles. All organic and clinically proven. 

NEVER give your child conventional chemical mouthwash. 

Look at the labels and amongst the chemicals listed you’ll see the warnings not to give to a child under 6 or 10. According to the American Dental Association, children under the age of 6 should not use mouthwash and swallowing mouthwash poses health hazards.

A well known dental site says, “... make sure to supervise (your child) heavily … only use mouthwash designed for children since they don’t contain alcohol and pose less of a health risk if they’re swallowed…”

That’s not good enough. Your child deserves a solution with NO health risks AND clinically proven benefits.

Those old school mouthwashes were originally designed as industrial cleaning products and contain noxious and unsafe ingredients. Some of these chemical mouthwashes may increase the risk of developing oral cancer.[17][18] At least 3 meta analyses have found increased risk between chemical mouthwashes and oral cancer.[19] The Cancer Council has called for further research on the matter.[20] There have also been recalls of these mouthwashes due to contaminants[23] affecting more than 4m bottles sold.[24] 

According to the Channel 4 documentary "Jamie’s Sugar Rush", thousands of children are having their rotten baby teeth pulled out with pliers. This grisly procedure happens to 26,000 preschool and primary school children in Britain alone

That’s a huge risk.

No young child should go under general anaesthetic for something that’s entirely preventable. No child should lose those baby teeth, vital to the proper development of the adult teeth.

We know this is not the parents’ fault. It’s hard for parents because sugar and chemical foods are everywhere. To date there’s been of solution.

Old school mouthwashes, toothbrushing and flossing are not solving the problem.

That's why we createdMouthMonsters. 

As Cofounder of MouthMonsters, this has really come home when it happened to my own 4 year old Grandson Max in the UK who had several baby teeth extracted. Max's parents and I felt so helpless and determined to prevent this happening again.

Here at MouthMonsters we know that so many parents feel desperate where their children’s teeth are concerned. That’s why we created MouthMonsters.

Why use MouthMonsters?

MouthMonsters is like a gentle all natural organic pepperminty mouthwash that’s safe for kids to use. Exclusively made with the Vitalock System™ extra virgin coconut oil and mild peppermint essence, MouthMonsters is the only totally delicious and safe oil pulling for kids that’s easy to use.

MouthMonsters is totally safe if swallowed. Made only with 100% organic, pure food-grade extra virgin coconut oil and peppermint essence, MouthMonsters is anti bacterial, anti fungal, anti inflammatory, anti microbial and anti viral.

MouthMonsters is designed to be used first thing in the morning, before breakfast.

Brings harmony to your home: no talking, arguing or questions when MouthMonsters® are on the loose! Make the most of the MouthMonsters moments of calm.

MouthMonsters seek and destroy the 8bn bad bacteria, viruses and fungi which can lurk in your child’s mouth, causing gum disease and tooth decay, linked to diabetes, heart disease and serious chronic health conditions.

Your child just sips, swishes and spits out the MouthMonsters using the MonsterSpitTarget. You get peace and quiet. Your child gets a lot of fun, clean teeth and detoxed body, reducing tooth decay and gum disease.

After breakfast, just brush teeth as normal and have a great day, safe in the knowledge that you’ve got the best possible start.

Benefits of MouthMonsters:

  1. Clean mouth and fresh breath. MouthMonsters kill the bacteria that causes tooth decay and bad breath.
  2. Prevents plaque build-up. MouthMonsters easily reaches the places that toothbrushes can't, like those delicate gums, between the teeth and the grooves on the surface of your teeth.  MouthMonsters can even reduce the plaque that already exists on your teeth.
  3. Removes microorganisms and particles: MouthMonsters pulls out the toxins, bacteria, viruses and fungi along with any loose debris of old bits of food in the mouth - making brushing so much more effective.
  4. Stops cavities: MouthMonsters reduces the chances of getting cavities and to strengthens enamel.
  5. Naturally whitens teeth: oil pulling is clinically proven to naturally, gently and safely whiten teeth
  6. Protects baby and second teeth: MouthMonsters reduces the chances of having teeth extracted.
  7. MouthMonster Guide To Meals: Discover the Twelve Vital Foods For Kids and engage your child in eating better, protecting those pearly white teeth all day long, growing strong and healthy.

A MouthMonster A Day Keeps Decay Away,



Cofounder, MouthMonsters

Protecting Young Smiles

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Now you can save your child from rotten teeth.

According to Dental Health Experts, children’s oral health is in crisis.

Pulling out teeth under anaesthetic is a preventable risk.

Old school toothcare isn't working.

So we created MouthMonsters: mild, organic oil pulling mouthwash safe for kids. Unique Vitalock virgin coconut oil flavoured with natural mint and strawberry.

MouthMonsters seek and destroy up to 8bn plaque-forming bad bacteria. Left in your child’s mouth, these rapidly cause tooth decay.

Easily swish those bad bugs away. Get MouthMonsters Now - Protect Young Smiles

More About MouthMonsters: using our unique Vitalock system to extract the raw alkaline organic coconut oil from fair trade farmed Sri Lankan coconuts, we have created the world's ONLY safe children’s mouthwash. Advanced oral care for your child with unique coconut oil pulling which tastes like icecream – naturally flavoured with mint and strawberry to taste great and go to work on the bad bugs in your child’s mouth.

MouthMonsters are delivered to you in convenient sachets, so using MouthMonsters is super-easy.

Easily and safely swish those Bad Bugs away

What people are saying about us...

"Love love love MouthMonsters! Our family was lucky enough to be trialing these and what a difference it’s made! Has made our children’s teeth so much healthier and whiter. Now we don’t dread going to the dentist any more!"
Sam Hembury, Devon UK

"I love this product, it has my child’s oral hygiene and really makes their mouths healthier. I could see a difference in a matter of days and would definitely recommend it to anyone."
Karen Sampson, Queensland Australia

“My teeth are so much whiter and brighter after just a week of using MouthMonsters. Everyone is asking me how I am getting my teeth so white. It is so easy for me to do every day. I love the feeling of confidence it is giving me.”
Megan, age 12, Sunshine Coast, Australia
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