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About MouthMonsters – The World’s Only Children’s Coconut Oil Pulling MouthWash

When we set out to create MouthMonsters we wanted to include the most benefits in any oil pulling formula that the world had ever seen – for children.

We knew it had to be fun and taste good – so your child will use this oil pulling mouthwash every day and get all the benefits, rather than avoiding it!

Protecting Young Smiles is a mission for us.


"I know what it’s like to hate your smile - after knocking out my two front teeth in a riding accident at 17. But, you know what – I was so pleased they were gone. I hated those two front teeth! They had always stuck out – like Bugs Bunny – and made me so self conscious. So I KNOW what it’s like to HATE your smile – to be so self conscious – and to undergo a lot of tooth pain!
“Then last year I began desperately seeking a solution for my remaining teeth which had started to discolour. They didn’t match the “17 year old white” of my two porcelain front teeth! How embarrassing!
‘After much research I discovered that oil pulling worked, I was thrilled - but it tasted baaaaad and was so messy.
‘So eventually we found a way to create Mintycoco – now the world’s most reviewed and rated oil pulling solution for grownups.
‘Children started using it – and said it tasted like their favourite mint icecream!
‘Even more importantly, my four year old Grandson, Max, in the UK is having baby teeth extracted. That shouldn't be happening. We know oil pulling can prevent these terrible oral health issues.
‘So we did something about it.
‘We created MouthMonsters.”


So we've spent twelve months and travelled all over the world to create the world's only children’s oil pulling mouthwash in convenient fun-sized sachets.

We've set out to make MouthMonsters mainstream and effective while still purely natural.

First we looked at safety. We chose pure, virgin coconut oil extracted using our unique Vitalock coconut oil extraction method. We've spent a long time finding exactly the right organic, raw, cold-pressed, alkaline, extra virgin, coconut oil from handpicked coconuts.

The best we found is direct from the fields of organic farmers in Sri Lanka.

Next we looked at how to flavour it and see if we could we add something special.

It had to be totally delicious and in the right formulation so your children get maximum benefit.

There's so much evidence about coconut oil being hugely beneficial to your health.

We knew that natural mint flavours taste great and are very beneficial too.

And we know that a lot of children, especially younger ones, love the taste of strawberry in toothpaste too.

So eventually we managed to find organic, all natural mint and strawberry flavours.

And, as Goldilocks said, they taste Just Right.

When you want to know about oil pulling mouthwash for children, these flavours are the outstanding choices but they have to be in exactly the right quantities.

Peppermint is one of the world's oldest medicinal herbs whose essential oil is highly valued by herbalists and natural healers. It has antispasmodic and pain-killing properties as well as proven antimicrobial effects.

Peppermint was used in ancient Greece and Egypt as a medicine and in traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic healing systems to treat colds, cramps, dyspepsia, nausea, sore throats and toothaches.

Peppermint is still used today to treat digestive complaints, headaches, menstrual cramps and coughs and topically to relieve pain.

Peppermint has antimicrobial, antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral effects.

Strawberries are the third-best food source of polyphenols (behind only coffee and olives), according to a 2009 Journal of Dentistry review. Researchers say these compounds inhibit the breakdown of starches in the mouth which limits the sticky sugars that adhere to teeth as plaque and also fight bacteria that contribute to tooth decay and gum disease

 Like oranges and other citrus fruits, strawberries are full of gum–building vitamin C. Vitamin C is needed to make collagen, which maintains your gums’ strength and integrity.

 We all know that strong gums are crucial for a healthy mouth – who knew that those little red berries could help?

 So your MouthMonsters don’t just taste great – this world’s only coconut oil pulling mouthwash is doing your child serious good too.

All organic, nothing artificial, 100% goodness.

And did we mention it tastes delicious?

From the organic farmers to you. Courtesy of MouthMonsters.

With every sachet sold, your purchase of MouthMonsters supports The Rainbow Centre in Sri Lanka.

You are helping children escape from extreme poverty, providing a safe bed to sleep in, nourishing food and education to break free from a cycle of suffering. 

Many of the girls live in flooded slum areas, sometimes accessed only by broken plank bridges, without electricity and dependant on distant well water.  Living in such desperate poverty with parents who received only minimal education and struggle to support their families, the Rainbow Centre is their only escape to create a better life. 

In fact, shortly after we began working with the Rainbow Centre, we heard of a Mother who was so desperately poor she was going to have to sell her baby. She couldn’t afford to feed him. Of course this is illegal. And tragic. The Rainbow Centre, with your help, step in at times like this and help families facing terrible choices.

This is NOT the baby in the story. Their anonymity is protected.
This is another, different, family being helped by the Rainbow Centre.


The baby stayed with his Mother. Both are doing well.

Children Like These Escape Extreme Poverty Because Of You

We donate money from every sachet of MouthMonsters sold, keeping your child’s smile healthy and less fortunate kids smiling too. 

Care For Those Precious Young Teeth With MouthMonsters Coconut Oil Pulling Mouthwash.

So when your child cares for those precious teeth with MouthMonsters coconut oil pulling mouthwash, you're making lots of people smile

MouthMonsters - Who Are We?

MouthMonsters was founded by Angela Wright in Noosa Australia and Robbie Savage in Devon England.

Meet The Founders:

Angela Wright MBE

From a farming family, deeply interested in health, people say that Angela's Unique Ability is seeing opportunities and creating better futures through asking difficult questions, analysing the past and connecting the best currently available solutions.

Angela carries out a great deal of research and due diligence, including seeking clinical trials with evidence from leading scientists, physicists and medical professionals. 

MISSION: Living Like It’s Heaven On Earth 

Mum of five, married to David Wright, Angela has been invited to speak around the world and honoured by HM Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace with the award of a Member of the Order of the British Empire.

Angela is a businesswoman, author and speaker who is passionate about honesty, commitment and giving back, helping individuals and businesses to flourish with good health and peaceful prosperity. 


Robbie Savage & Amy

Robbie and his beautiful wife Amy live in a small British town called Paignton in Devon. Robbie has been helping people with their health for more than 15 years and is well respected as one of the world's most well known ionic wearables which spans the globe. 
Robbie is dedicated to customer service and loves to engage with our customers, whether it be by email, phone, face to face, Twitter or Facebook - we're real people too! 
Robbie's the witty one at MouthMonsters - and just like our smallest customers he prefers the Strawberry Flavour Sachets :)
Robbie says,
"We care about what we do and that shows in the level of service and care you will receive when you purchase from us. Our business thrives on word-of-mouth so if we treat you well and you love the difference MouthMonsters makes to you, we hope you'll tell everyone you know!"

Meet The Rest Of The Team:

All of the Team are first and foremost Customer Happiness Agents - dedicated to Protecting Young Smiles.

Managing Director: David Wright 

David has a degree in Biology and served on the British Antarctic Survey for three years, in Antarctica. Dad to five, David has operated many businesses and specialises in logistics, service and fulfilling promises, providing practicalities to ensure customers and suppliers are looked after.

Biochemist: Jonathan Bechtel

Jonathan's experience is invaluable in our quest for the most effective supplements ever created.

Jonathan is dedicated to making real health a tangible reality.

Having Jonathan on our team as an independent Biochemist enables us to develop better versions, create increased results for you,our customers, and source premium ingredients at the very best prices which we pass on as part of our Fair Family Prices policy.

Of course, we work with only top quality USA or UK manufacturers, with cGMP, FDA, ISO and other relevant accreditations. We liaise with Dentists, Doctors and health professionals, check the Certificates of all ingredients, test everything independently - and Jonathan makes sure we do more to get the right formulas, ingredients and doses.

Accounts & Customer Service: Theresa Carson

Theresa is a qualified book-keeper, keen organiser, netball coach and Mum of four! Theresa specialises in making sure things happen and tieing up loose ends, so that everything's organised. 

Accounts & Admin: Joan Campano

Joan provides great support making sure all the accounting and admin is right. Mum of a gorgeous little boy, Joan is always happy to help. 

Helpdesk Happiness Agents: Amy Deeks & Sam Hembury

Amy and Sam provide great support to make sure you can get your questions answered. With our team in both the northern and southern hemisphere, in the UK and Australia, we aim to provide 24/7 support for whenever you need help.

Tell Me More?

With a deep interest and experience in well-being and natural health, Angela and Robbie discovered there wasn't an oil pulling mouthwash for children.

The difference between this and conventional, chemical mouthwash? MouthMonsters coconut oil pulling mouthwash is COMPLETELY SAFE.

It’s organic, raw, alkaline convenient and the easy way to achieve all the proven benefits of oil pulling.  So working with the MouthMonsters brilliant biochemist, they set out to source, sample, test, taste and create the world's first and only children’s oil pulling mouthwash. Using entirely safe natural organic ingredients and blend them into one delicious formula.

With offices in the UK and Australia; biochemists from the USA and organic farmers in Sri Lanka: MouthMonsters is headed up by a dynamic team of individuals constantly striving and adapting to bring you the best - always all natural, always good for you - oral health and wellbeing products.  

If you want to know any more about us, just get in touch :)

In the meantime, get your MouthMonsters here while stocks are available.

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Now you can save your child from rotten teeth.

According to Dental Health Experts, children’s oral health is in crisis.

Pulling out teeth under anaesthetic is a preventable risk.

Old school toothcare isn't working.

So we created MouthMonsters: mild, organic oil pulling mouthwash safe for kids. Unique Vitalock virgin coconut oil flavoured with natural mint and strawberry.

MouthMonsters seek and destroy up to 8bn plaque-forming bad bacteria. Left in your child’s mouth, these rapidly cause tooth decay.

Easily swish those bad bugs away. Get MouthMonsters Now - Protect Young Smiles

More About MouthMonsters: using our unique Vitalock system to extract the raw alkaline organic coconut oil from fair trade farmed Sri Lankan coconuts, we have created the world's ONLY safe children’s mouthwash. Advanced oral care for your child with unique coconut oil pulling which tastes like icecream – naturally flavoured with mint and strawberry to taste great and go to work on the bad bugs in your child’s mouth.

MouthMonsters are delivered to you in convenient sachets, so using MouthMonsters is super-easy.

Easily and safely swish those Bad Bugs away

What people are saying about us...

"Love love love MouthMonsters! Our family was lucky enough to be trialing these and what a difference it’s made! Has made our children’s teeth so much healthier and whiter. Now we don’t dread going to the dentist any more!"
Sam Hembury, Devon UK

"I love this product, it has my child’s oral hygiene and really makes their mouths healthier. I could see a difference in a matter of days and would definitely recommend it to anyone."
Karen Sampson, Queensland Australia

“My teeth are so much whiter and brighter after just a week of using MouthMonsters. Everyone is asking me how I am getting my teeth so white. It is so easy for me to do every day. I love the feeling of confidence it is giving me.”
Megan, age 12, Sunshine Coast, Australia
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