What is MouthMonsters?

MouthMonsters is an oil pulling product designed especially for children, delivered in sachet form for your convenience. It is made from virgin coconut oil and flavoured with peppermint oil for an enjoyable oil pulling experience. Read all about oil pulling here.

How do I use MouthMonsters?

Simply warm the sachet in your hand or under warm water. Tear the top off. Squeeze the contents into your mouth and swish around for 5-15 minutes. Spit into the bin when finished and brush your teeth. 

What does it do? 

MouthMonsters helps to remove stains and plaque from your teeth, exposing the natural whiteness and glossiness of your teeth. It is also naturally antibacterial so does a fantastic job of killing bacteria and fungi in your mouth, leaving your breath fresh and gums healthy. The coconut oil is naturally moisturising so you'll also notice your skin and lips start to look bright and well moisturised as the coconut oil absorbs into your body through your mouth. 

What is the Vitalock system?

Vitalock is our unique method of extracting the coconut oil from our coconuts. This method ensures all the goodness of the coconut stays in the extracted oil resulting in a much higher quality coconut oil and one which retains all of the natural goodness of the coconut. This method of extraction ensures you receive only the best oil pulling product with all the goodness you'd expect from nature's super food.  Read about Vitalock here

Can I use MouthMonsters if I have braces?

Oil pulling is 100% natural and will not affect your braces. Nor will it bleach your teeth so you won't be left with marks where your braces were! MouthMonsters will do a great job of making your mouth cleaner, which can be a nightmare when you have braces, leaving you with fresher breath and less plaque build up on the metal fixings. If you are worried though we would recommend contacting your orthodontist before using MouthMonsters. 

I'm pregnant so I can't use MouthMonsters right?

WRONG! Coconut oil is incredibly good for you and baby as it contains high levels of lauric acid. Oil pulling while pregnant is perfectly safe and actually recommended. 

How old do I have to be to use MouthMonsters? 

MouthMonsters is 100% natural and safe for children and adults of all ages. Oral health has no age boundaries! 

I live in Alaska - can you send MouthMonsters to me?

We can indeed! We deliver WORLDWIDE.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all debit and credit cards through our secure payment gateways. 

Do I have to use a full sachet every time I oil pull?

No, some customers use half a sachet at a time as they find this is more than enough for them. Some people have larger mouths than others so see how you get on with a full sachet and reduce if necessary. 

Does it taste like coconut?

Not particularly no. We use the highest quality virgin coconut oil, sourced directly from organic coconut farms in Sri Lanka. Due to the high quality of the oil you will find that there is little to no coconut taste while using the product. The soft peppermint flavour comes through primarily leaving you to oil pull without the bitter coconut taste often associated with oil pulling. 

Why is it hard at room temperature?

MouthMonsters is 100% natural coconut oil and peppermint oil which by nature is hard at room temperature. To make it easier to put into your mouth (and far more enjoyable) we recommend that you warm the sachet up in your hands first, or even better under a hot tap so it's completely liquid before you squeeze it into your mouth. 

I don't like the texture, what can I do? 

Coconut oil is hard at room temperature so putting the oil into your mouth as a solid lump can be a little strange at first. If this is you and you didn't enjoy it then warm it up under a hot tap first until you can feel that the oil is liquid inside. It will then be a completely smooth, slightly oily, liquid which is easy to put into your mouth and swish around. There are no lumps or bumps in MouthMonsters and it is the smoothest oil pulling product we have come across.



Now you can save your child from rotten teeth.

According to Dental Health Experts, children’s oral health is in crisis.

Pulling out teeth under anaesthetic is a preventable risk.

Old school toothcare isn't working.

So we created MouthMonsters: mild, organic oil pulling mouthwash safe for kids. Unique Vitalock virgin coconut oil flavoured with natural mint and strawberry.

MouthMonsters seek and destroy up to 8bn plaque-forming bad bacteria. Left in your child’s mouth, these rapidly cause tooth decay.

Easily swish those bad bugs away. Get MouthMonsters Now - Protect Young Smiles

More About MouthMonsters: using our unique Vitalock system to extract the raw alkaline organic coconut oil from fair trade farmed Sri Lankan coconuts, we have created the world's ONLY safe children’s mouthwash. Advanced oral care for your child with unique coconut oil pulling which tastes like icecream – naturally flavoured with mint and strawberry to taste great and go to work on the bad bugs in your child’s mouth.

MouthMonsters are delivered to you in convenient sachets, so using MouthMonsters is super-easy.

Easily and safely swish those Bad Bugs away

What people are saying about us...

"Love love love MouthMonsters! Our family was lucky enough to be trialing these and what a difference it’s made! Has made our children’s teeth so much healthier and whiter. Now we don’t dread going to the dentist any more!"
Sam Hembury, Devon UK

"I love this product, it has my child’s oral hygiene and really makes their mouths healthier. I could see a difference in a matter of days and would definitely recommend it to anyone."
Karen Sampson, Queensland Australia

“My teeth are so much whiter and brighter after just a week of using MouthMonsters. Everyone is asking me how I am getting my teeth so white. It is so easy for me to do every day. I love the feeling of confidence it is giving me.”
Megan, age 12, Sunshine Coast, Australia
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