"Mum & Me" Special - Oil Therapy Mouthwash for Parents & Kids

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"Mum & Me" Oil Therapy Mouthwash - MouthMonsters For Kids + Mintycoco for Parents Taste Tested By Moms & Kids Worldwide

Oil Therapy Mouthwash For Parents & Kids - Tastes Great, Easy To Use, Really Works!

At last, keep your mouth and your children's mouths healthy. There's no better way to protect your teeth, gums and overall health.

Why's everyone talking about Mintycoco? Whiter teeth instantly with no burn, no bleach. SERIOUSLY shades lighter AND a much healthier mouth. 

What are MouthMonsters? The only coconut oil therapy mouthwash for children. Protect those precious teeth with an easy morning swish that's fun to do.

14 Day Course in each Box - 14 individual packets for each of you. Just use a packet each morning - it's super-easy. 

No Mess • No Fuss • Taste Tested By Kids & Mums!

Easy to use first thing in the morning. Protect the whole family's oral health with this great introduction to all the benefits of oil pulling.

14 On The Go Packets in every Box so you can take them with you when you're out and about. Swish away that sugar after icecreams, cakes, chocolates and sweets. 

Great for when you're traveling too.

Organic, delicious coconut oil therapy flavored with natural peppermint oil and strawberry essence.

So you've thought about whether your children can do oil pulling but it's been too hard getting them to do it without a fuss or too messy? You're not even sure if it's possible and you're worried...:

  • if it's suitable for children
  • if they'll like the taste
  • if you'll notice any differences using MouthMonsters
  • if you and your children find the time to do it 

We've all been there so that's why we give a cast iron worldwide money back guarantee if you don't get results.

When we'd make Mintycoco, we realised kids were using it too. They told us it tasted like mint icecream!

Then, the horrible news of little Max, whose dentist said has to have 4 teeth out under general anasthetic at the age of 4. Max hadn't been using Mintycoco but his parents had been diligently brushing his teeth and restricting snacks. It's hard for parents now - sugar is everywhere. We knew from our research that Dental Associations in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the USA, the UK and in Europe say "children's oral health is in crisis" and "it's the #1 childhood chronic disease". So we knew we had to make Mouthmonsters


MouthMonsters Is The Oil Therapy Mouthwash Just For Kids

Transforming children's oral health.

At last, parents have MouthMonsters on their side, fighting the battle against childhood tooth decay.

Within the first days of your children oil pulling with MouthMonsters you'll start to notice:

  • how much cleaner their mouths are
  • that their breath is sweet again
  • how their teeth start to look glossier
  • how any stains begin to disappear 
  • how you just LOVE the Moments Of Morning Calm!

Begin your MouthMonsters experience now - click on the big "Buy Now" button!

The World's Only Oil Therapy Mouthwash Designer For Children:
The "Bug Catching Mouthwash" Solution!
  • 14 No Mess Convenient Single Use Packets 
  • Natural Ingredients - NO ALCOHOL - NO NASTY CHEMICALS 
  • Highest Quality Virgin Coconut Oil Naturally Flavoured With Mint And Strawberry
  • Tastes Like Icecream

At Last There's An Effective Mouthwash Safe For Children - The 100% Natural Oil Pulling Therapy

We all want the best for our children.

We know that health starts in the mouth.

We don't all want to use damaging mouthwashes which leave teeth sensitive. Oil pulling is nature's answer to teeth health - naturally white, glossy teeth that we're proud to show off! It works by reducing the amount of plaque on your teeth, exposing the natural whiteness.

The coconut oil formula actually catches all the bad bugs - which your child just spits out afterward. 

Key Benefits

  • Removes up to 8b micro-organisms - bad bacteria, fungi, viruses, even parasites
  • Helps save precious baby teeth
  • Removes sugar from the mouth
  • Reduces toxic load in little bodies
  • Naturally whiter teeth
  • Removes plaque 
  • Strong teeth and gums 
  • Fresh breath 
  • Naturally antibacterial to kill viruses & bacteria in your mouth and detox the body
  • Helps prevent toothache, rotten teeth, extractions

Moments Of Morning Calm

Moms and Dads tell us that one of the best things about MouthMonsters is the calm silence! When everyone's oil pulling, you can have 5 - 20 minutes of silence! To start with you'll only get 1 minute or more, but every morning add a minute or more to the routine and pretty soon you'll be enjoying blissful mornings.

With all the evidence of the benefits of mindfulness for children and adults alike, MouthMonsters helps you achieve that.

You'll look forward to oil pulling with MouthMonsters as part of your family's oral hygiene regime.

 More About Mintycoco

The most reviewed and rated oil pulling solution on the planet. Premium Vitalock™ Process Coconut Oil - Raw Alkaline Extra Virgin Organically Farmed With All The Nutrients Locked In.

No cheap, nasty, bitter coconut oil in your Mintycoco. Gently flavored with organic Peppermint or Strawberry Oil. Yum! Getting whiter teeth never tasted this good before!

14 No Mess Convenient Single Use Packets In Every Box - Recyclable - No Toxic Chemicals - 100% Natural and Organic.  14 No Mess Convenient Single Use Packets - for you to use anywhere (keep in the bathroom, on your bedside table, at work, in your gym bag, your car, your suitcase - no mess, no fuss)

  • No Heat Used, Highest Quality Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Naturally Delicious With Peppermint Oil 
  • The Best Minty Taste - We've Tried Them All And Mintycoco Is Voted The Best!

Whiter Smile From Our Natural Oil Pulling Oral Detox Course

We all want white teeth. We don't all want to use damaging chemical bleaches or lasers that hurt and leave teeth sensitive. Oil pulling is nature's answer to teeth whitening: naturally white, healthy teeth that we're proud to show off! It works by reducing the plaque on your teeth, detoxing your mouth, exposing the natural whiteness. 

Key Benefits

  • Naturally Whiter Teeth
  • Removes Stains 
  • Strong Teeth & Gums 
  • Fresh Breath 
  • Naturally Antibacterial to kill and remove the 8 BILLION bad bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites in your mouth
  • 14 Day No Diet Detox - removes toxins and reduces inflammation throughout your body
  • Halitosis sufferers report huge improvements 
  • Heals and soothes mouth ulcers, cankers, sore mouths from chemotherapy

THE Best Tasting Oil Pulling Product

Cheap coconut oils have a strong, overpowering, even rancid coconut taste - although only the poorest quality can ever be called "bitter". Our highest quality organically farmed coconut oil is incredibly smooth with a soft minty flavour and little to no coconut taste. High quality oils taste less "coconutty" than cheaper ones. You'll look forward to oil pulling with Mintycoco as part of your daily beauty and health regime.


When you buy your "Mom & Me" MouthMonsters and Mintycoco oil therapy mouthwash, you’ll get same day dispatch if you order before 4pm (weekdays). 

Your kit will arrive in a fun pack - making it the perfect gift, great fun to "unbox" and security sealed for your peace of mind.

Inside your MouthMonsters Box you will find:

  • 14 individual sachets of MouthMonsters
  • instruction card
  • competition to win MouthMonsters prizes and special goodies
  • Monster Spit Target!

Order your "Mum & Me" MouthMonsters & Mintycoco today - click on the big Buy Now button

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Now you can save your child from rotten teeth.

According to Dental Health Experts, children’s oral health is in crisis.

Pulling out teeth under anaesthetic is a preventable risk.

Old school toothcare isn't working.

So we created MouthMonsters: mild, organic oil pulling mouthwash safe for kids. Unique Vitalock virgin coconut oil flavoured with natural mint and strawberry.

MouthMonsters seek and destroy up to 8bn plaque-forming bad bacteria. Left in your child’s mouth, these rapidly cause tooth decay.

Easily swish those bad bugs away. Get MouthMonsters Now - Protect Young Smiles

More About MouthMonsters: using our unique Vitalock system to extract the raw alkaline organic coconut oil from fair trade farmed Sri Lankan coconuts, we have created the world's ONLY safe children’s mouthwash. Advanced oral care for your child with unique coconut oil pulling which tastes like icecream – naturally flavoured with mint and strawberry to taste great and go to work on the bad bugs in your child’s mouth.

MouthMonsters are delivered to you in convenient sachets, so using MouthMonsters is super-easy.

Easily and safely swish those Bad Bugs away

What people are saying about us...

"Love love love MouthMonsters! Our family was lucky enough to be trialing these and what a difference it’s made! Has made our children’s teeth so much healthier and whiter. Now we don’t dread going to the dentist any more!"
Sam Hembury, Devon UK

"I love this product, it has my child’s oral hygiene and really makes their mouths healthier. I could see a difference in a matter of days and would definitely recommend it to anyone."
Karen Sampson, Queensland Australia

“My teeth are so much whiter and brighter after just a week of using MouthMonsters. Everyone is asking me how I am getting my teeth so white. It is so easy for me to do every day. I love the feeling of confidence it is giving me.”
Megan, age 12, Sunshine Coast, Australia
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